Whether you have a job that requires you to stand and walk a lot or if you run errands leisurely throughout the day, heel pain can make your day more difficult. Dealing with heel pain in the form of plantar fasciitis means that the area from the back of your heel to the arch of your foot experiences pain. Luckily, there are some things that you can do at the start of your day to make walking and moving around easier. Here is a routine to start your day to make sure your feet are operating at optimal levels. 

Stretch when you get out of bed

As soon as you get out of bed, you should grab your morning beverage, then perform your morning stretches. The area that you need to concentrate on is from your calves down to your foot. Bend and point your feet at the ankles to stretch out your heels and arches. Do a calf stretch by putting your hands on the floor and lean forward while on your tip toes. Stretching your feet keeps them from feeling stiff, and stiffness can heighten pain. 

Try a warm shower

Even if you tend to take a shower before bed, a warm shower can help loosen up your body and help your feet and legs. Take a quick shower in the morning to invigorate your body and help you move around.  If you tend to have trouble standing, a removable showerhead can allow you to sit and still run warm water over your legs each morning. 

Wear a heel hugger or compression socks

If you are not going in to work, put on a heel hugger to wear as you walk around the house. Heel huggers look like extra-thick socks with the toes cut out. These help with heel compression and make it more comfortable to walk and put weight on the feet. If you are going to work, wear compression socks along with your shoes. Select compression socks that have heel support and feel comfortable enough to wear for at least eight hours at a time. Along with the compression socks, you can add over-the-counter heel support inside of the shoes to provide you with shock absorption. 

Take a mild pain medication

If you have been experiencing heel pain in the past few days, it is best to cut any pain off at the pass and take a mild pain medication during the start of the day. This will help to decrease the effect of any pain that develops in your heels and will help you get used to walking around and using your heels without interrupting your life. 

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