Touring a new city is a lot of fun, but it typically involves a lot of walking, which is not good news for those with bunions. If you have bunions that become painful after you walk for too long, use these tips to stay more comfortable during your next city tour or day-long walking adventure.

Tip #1: Soak your feet the day before.

It might sound silly to soak your feet before they're sore, but this ensures your feet start off as fresh as possible. Prepare an Epsom salt bath by tossing a few cups of Epsom salts into a small tub of warm water. Immerse your feet, and let them rest for at least 12 minutes. The magnesium salts in the Epsom salts will help reduce inflammation in your bunions, so they are not as painful as you begin walking tomorrow. Some of the salts will likely linger behind, helping to keep your feet from becoming more inflamed while you walk.

Tip #2: Go to the store, and purchase new bunion pads for your shoes.

Do you use shoe inserts made specifically for bunions? If so, make sure you have a new pair before your walk around the city. Inserts tend to wear out over time, and the ones you've been wearing don't likely offer as much comfort as new ones. If you do not wear bunion inserts, you should consider trying them, as they relieve a lot of pressure on your bunions. Give them a try on a short walk a few days before your city trip, so you can tell whether or not they work for you.

Tip #3: Take breaks frequently.

Many people wait until their feet are sore to take a break. Once the soreness really sets in, however, you're unlikely to find much comfort for the rest of the day, even after a break. A better way to minimize soreness is to take breaks early and often. Grab a cup of coffee, sit down and read a book for a few minutes, or rest on some park stairs and enjoy the view. When you get off your feet for a few minutes, you let the circulation come back to areas that are under stress, preventing the pain from getting too bad.

Don't let your bunions keep you from undertaking a walking trip around a new city. With the tips above, you can walk all day with a lot less pain. If you need help caring for your bunion pain, contact a local foot clinic like Aboite Podiatry Associates PC